Fighting for Summer

September 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Elisabethmarkt München im Herbst Biergarten - ...

Image by digital cat  via Flickr

There can’t be many more depressing sights of summer than one of these City Beaches lying deserted in the cold rain of a September day. The first leaves are already piling up on the wet grounds, the tables and deck chairs. A faux palm tree decoration is rotting away and the student bartender and the waitress are boredly chatting under the awning of the plywood shed while brazilectro muzak squeezes itself from the speakers of a cheap mini stereo.

The air is so cold that one can’t be sitting relaxed outdoors and the wind and the wet surface of the chair make the experience decidedly uncomfortable. The short menue featuring beverages and fast food is ennobled by the misleading presence of six or seven outragously costly “cocktails”, all mixed from the cheapest ingredients at what passes for a bar, right beside a hot pan of chips and a microwave. The Pina Colada coming from this den has an unhealthy touch of green to its pale appearence, the Tequila Sunrise looks like an atomic wasteground and the Caipirinha has quietly died of homesickness. I order a beer and am glad to see a closed bottle coming, which the waitress opens at my table.

I look at the people going by, most of them in a hurry to get out of the nasty weather. The beer is cold, but actually not much colder than the day itself. The passers-by look at me with a mixture of amazement and what I take at first for envy. Only after a while I realize it’s not admiration of me defying the end of summer, but pity.

That’s when I surrender. I put the money on the table, pull up the collar of my macintosh and walk home.

I’ll fight for summer in December.


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