Hell is other people

September 2, 2010 § Leave a comment


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There is something very sad in the way the city is filling again with people after the summer holidays. For a few weeks we had the illusion of there being actually enough space in this town for its inahabitants. Enough parking space, enough roads and houses and flats and all.

Supermarkets weren’t crammed with people all doing their shopping in the same half hour of lunch break. The traffic receded to an extent where you actually made progress in your car.  One could walk through town centre and enjoy it. And even if the weather this year wasn’t anything to write home about, summer made up for it by getting some of the most insufferable fellow citizens out of town and out of our lives for a few precious weeks.

Of course there were the crowds of tourists cluttering up the streets too. But these at least were new faces, not the half-million of old ones you saw every day the year round. And they either fled town after their Europe-in-12-days tour entered their coaches again around five in the afternoon. Or they had the decency to remain in their tourist ghetto camps from Hilton or Holiday Inn and not disturb the natives more than necessarily.

Now the tourists are gone and the neighbours are back. The usual day-to-day madness has recaptured our lives and our hell, the others, keeps bugging us again.

Time for a holiday.


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