What a Difference a Day Makes

September 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

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With horror I learn that today apparently is Beverly Hills 90210 Day.

How can that be?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really all for celebrating anniversaries, for rememberences in honour of memorable persons, things and events.

But Beverly Hills 90210? Of all things?

I can see the need to commemorate Bloomsday (June 16th), I carry my towel on every Towel Day (May 25th) and I tolerate the existence of a Hobbit Day (September 22nd), a Pi Day (March 14th), a System Administrators Appreciation Day (last Friday in July), a World UFO Day (July 2nd) and countless others.

But the news that there should actually be a Beverly Hills 90210 Day to me suggests the custom has left its best days behind.

A day to celebrate an American teenager TV series? Where is the Randall and Hopkirk Day? The EastEnders and the Coronation Street Day? And aren’t we entitled at least to a Doctor Who Day? No, make that a National Doctor Who Week!

And what about Discworld? James Bond? Duffy Duck? And all those other persons and events, films, works and series that deserve to be remembered? Is it too much to ask that these get their very own days? If 90210 already has one? Mind you, 90210!

This definitely asks for a parliamentary enquiry and immediate governmental action!


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