Storm over the Lido

September 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Entering the Venice Film Festival

Image by edmundyeo via Flickr

Venice this years turns out to be boring.

The weather is the usual late summer warmth, only slightly overcast. Punctually at noon yesterday a thunderstorm turns up the drama-volume and it pours cats and dogs over the Lido, chasing the usual festival bunch from their VIP tents into the Excelsior. Much too dramatic to really affect the jaded festival veterans. One hour later the drama is over, business as usual.

The media-crowd, the real stars and their would-be counterparts, the shiny It-girls and the dressed up society audience are all eager to get the part about watching films and giving interviews done, so they can pig out at the buffet and start the day’s serious drinking.

And Sofia Coppola‘s new film is, surprisingly, tremendous fun, everyone agrees.

This year Julia Robers is not asked if she’s wearing undies (yet). Enfant terrible Vincent Gallo has become a serious name, or at least a recognised one, so he doesn’t need to provoke a scandal, not yet. But for good measure he insists to present “a film by and with Vincent Gallo”, which apparently is scandal enough for his needs. And Scorsese pays homage to Elia Kazan, one full hour long and without the slightest trace of malice.

Quentin Tarantino went on record with the notion he hasn’t seen such an assortment of wild films in a competition. And after that was seen to have a lengthy conversation with one of the Excelsior’s bartenders.  Asked afterwards the guy said “He asked me if we had wasabi peanuts. I said no.”

Persol offers a 3D Award.

And everbody hunts for gossip, the biggest bother being right at the moment that the Lido still is under construction.

Venice this year is so boring.


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