Harry at Harry’s

September 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Harry's Bar interior. Venice Italy.

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I sit at Harry’s Bar in Venice., which is something of a joke, as I am Harry. Where else would I sit?

To tell the truth it’s incredibly crammed with tourists, which is not surprising as Harry’s features prominently in every guide of Venice. And it long since lost the insider’s tip designation. But who am I to complain, I’m a foreigner myself in this town. So this is just my kind of place.

Half the guests have the obligatory Bellini in front of them. And some really seem to enjoy the experience too. I myself prefer a red wine, not of the cheap variety. Nothing in Harry’s is of the cheap variety. And I mean this without irony. The carpaccio also seems to be a major success with the tourists and I feel obliged to justify my tourist status by ordering some. It’s indeed delicious.

For such a reknowned tourist trap as Harry’s the experience is certainly worth every penny. I remember having met Eva Lake some years ago here. And although my memories of that particular occasion are hazy, I seem to also remember she agreed with me on this.

Anyway, Harry’s is great!

Of course, I am Harry.  So what else could I say?


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